East Shore & Grey

Unlike all other districts in Korvosa, Gray's residents mostly stay to themselves and are generally well-behaved. Of course, most of Gray's residents are dead. Gray District holds four tiny wards (the smallest of the city): Gold ward, Everyman ward, Potter's ward, and Sepulcher ward. Burial costs range from 1 cp for internment in Potter's ward to 1,500 gp or more for Gold. The only living creatures who reside in Gray belong to the church of Pharasma and live within the temple.

Potter's Ward: Thousands of names are engraved into the black walls in the southeastern corner of the district. These names indicate those people buried in mass graves in the ward. Only people who cannot afford the 2 silver shields fee for burial in Everyman ward end up in one of the constantly churned mass burials here. While the other wards tend to give rise to intelligent undead of varying sorts, Potter's ward is predisposed to create the mindless kind.

Everyman Ward: Most people who die in Korvosa end up in this large section of the graveyard. The sizable mausoleums flanking the entrance to the necropolis lead down into a pair of Vaults: one a half-filled (when discovered) Shoanti burial chamber the church of Pharasma has since expanded and the other an ever-deepening angled tunnel that digs into the side of the hill and branches out to a number of ossuaries. Wealthier people are buried in plots under the grassy hillside.

Gold Ward: Reserved for nobility (and in the past century, royalty), as well as the Commandant of the Sable Company and the Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard, this ward contains dozens of elaborate mausoleums and crypts of varying sizes. This ward frequently produces or houses powerful intelligent undead within its many vaults.

Sepulcher Ward: This is the smallest of Gray's wards and holds the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma and a small fenced yard of holy ground. Rumors speak of an extensive vault under the cathedral that acts as a reliquary and ossuary. Clerics, paladins, and highly religious laypeople frequently end up in this ward, which also reportedly houses most of the remains of Saint Alika.

G1. Grand Cathedral of Pharasma: In the center of Sepulcher ward stands this, the largest building of the district. As the off ice and home of Bishop Keppira d'Bear of the Fateful Church of Pharasma and a retinue of lower-ranking clerics and faithful warriors, the Grand Cathedral acts as a barracks, temple, and keep. Its high, black-marble walls contain few windows (more on the second floor than the first, but even those are mostly just arrow slits).

The Grand Cathedral has served as a secure location multiple times, and despite a half-dozen sieges by undead, it has yet to fall. More commonly, the cathedral acts as a strongpoint and place of rest during the reverse sieges that occasionally plague the district. These reverse sieges occur when formerly interred residents rise and attempt to escape beyond the walls of the district, forcing the clerics to form a living wall around the perimeter. The clerics forming these living walls perform coordinated turnings, forcing the undead back toward the center of the district and the destructive defenses of the Great Cathedral.

G2. Great Tomb of Leadership: One of the largest crypts in Gold ward is the Great Tomb of Leadership, a heavily secured and constantly guarded building that contains the entrance to a vast Vault. This Vault holds the bodies of past military leaders and the city's most decorated soldiers. At all times, one marine and one soldier stand guard in front of the tomb, with another pair patrolling nearby. Both military organizations consider it a great honor to guard the tomb and bestow the relatively easy duty on those likely to earn internment there in the future. The guards at this tomb are duty-bound to stay within 50 feet of it at all times (as marked by a low white marble stone wall) but may use ranged weapons and spells to aid Pharasman clerics in attacking nearby graverobbers or undead.

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